Meet Magnar and Elin, an open minded couple with a great love for meeting new people. Sharing is a big part of their lives, and they will happily share you experiences or information of the area.

Our story

Our story starts a few years back. We wanted to meet new people and discover different thoughts amongst people. We therefore decided to start an AirBnB from our own basement. Along this path we met a couple of young American girls which told us about Rental Treehouses for adults. The thought of offering something like that for ourselves grew on us, and after a long and ambitious renovation of our old treehut Treehouse Helgeland was born.

Treehouse Helgeland was made as an alternative to hotels / b&b´s in the area. So if you wish you can stay and relax in our area, or adventure into the neverending surroundings. However you would like to enjoy your stay we would like to welcome you to Treehouse Helgleand..

Work amongst society

Solomon Lodge

Solomon Lodge is another Rental house our family has and will continue to support down in Ethiopia. Solomon Lodge is run by Solomon Abate which been working alongside orgnaisations such as MAP (makepossible) to raise and provide for homless orphans / needing children in the nearby society. He assures to give them a bright future, but also to make them self-sustainable. Alongside this work he now rents his lodge for additional income towards these children. Please concider checking out his work at Solomonlodge.net

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