After admiring nature from the treehouse, we suggest trying one of the many activities Helgeland has to offer.

Boat or canoe trips

The fjords and costline of Helgeland is famous for its beauty. Localy arranged RIB tours are avilable, but rentals of canoes are also possible. Taking the ferries out to the islands of the outer Helgeland is also an unusual experience.


The varying terrain on Helgeland makes for hiking trails for everyone, We recommend the famous "Helgelandstrappa" which is a 2500+ steps staircase leading almost to the very top of Øyfjellet. Mosjøens tallest mountain.


The bicycling town of mosjøen is equiped with sidewalks meant for bicyclists to enjoy taking you a little away from traffic whilst still letting you experiencing the town. However we strongly recommend cycling outside of town.

Fishing / icefishing

Norway is famous for high quiality fishes, bring your family for a relaxed day along the fjord-side, or (during winter) you can all gather out on the thick ice to catch som smaller fishes during the winter seasons.


A hot summer day can easily become overbearing, a quick bathe in any of the local rivers, lakes or oceans can be your escape. We think that "bystranda" in Mosjøen is absolutely worth the while.

Walk of the Northern lights

in the winter season we would strongly recommend going outside during our visits from Aurora (The northern lights). As our location offers for an unusual experience of the staggering lights.


Helgeland is a cultural beauty, we recommend taking a few days sightseeing the wonders in the areas. "sjøgata" in Mosjøen really shows off how Mosjøen was a couple of hundred yeas ago.

Treehouse Helgeland does not own / control any of the listed activities. We can therefore not guarantee all listed activities to be availabile at all times.

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